Excursion 1968

A boat trip with friends round Manhattan, shot in single-frame mode

Kevlar 2018

Camilo, from the projects outside of Stockholm, sees city girl Amina on her way to a party. He borrows his friends expensive jacket and approaches her, offering to show her the way. The two connect, and Amina invites Camilo to the party. When one of the guys mistakes Camilos jacket for his own, it becomes clear Camilo will never be anything but a project kid to Amina and the other people at the party.

Living Dolls 2013

A lighthearted look at the weird and wonderful world of doll collectors. The film features individuals whose lives are ultimately shaped by their obsession. It taps into why the subjects would risk everything just to spend their best time all dolled up. Some are loveable, others you may love to hate, but we delight in watching all the collectors and their passions come to life in this off-the-doll-centric universe.

DEATH by MetaL 2018

Here comes DEATH's probing and pulsing rock doc, DEATH BY METAL, pulling back the palm fronds of DEATH's origins in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and latching a narrative hook into the headstrong Chuck Schuldiner juggernaut for fifteen gratifying if sometimes frustrating years. As the baby steps become giant leaps, the stable of supporting players grows and continually shines in its own devious light.

The Prohibited Area 1981

A couple with baby try to re-unite after illegally seeking refuge in Hong Kong.

Waiting for the miracle 2011

On New Year's Eve at the Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation for people with disabilities who suffer from cerebral palsy, doctors prepare a New Year performance and a concert for their patients. After all, many of them live here permanently, and for them this holiday became the only spectacle that they can see "live".

Salomien 1972

Salomien is sent to prison for murdering her husband, Ernst. She is suffering from amnesia, but the prison's chaplain believes she will be able to remember by writing down her fragmented memories. This the story of her husband's murder unfolds

John 746 2017

An artist decides to involve his audience in the making of his magnum opus: The Destruction of Art.

Galaate 2013

A classic college love triangle story. Ankitha is in love with her college mate Abhi but Abhi falls for her friend Shalini. Who will Abhi eventually choose?

The Shoes

The Shoes is written and directed by Kevin Mendiboure. It stars Clement Bonpoil with English dubbing by Nathan Rippy. The sound was handled by Fabrice Valsin and color was handled by Guillaume Heulard.

Marry Me 2010

A social worker (Lucy Liu) with aspirations of a fairytale romance is torn between three suitors, who have proposed to her.

J 2018

'J' tells the story of a man who lives an isolated life before encountering a woman that will open up, for a while, his controlled world. In 'J', time is at first an internal condition and, as the story unfolds, the effect of a mysterious mirror, where solitude is a condition of space itself and nearness and love are but a position of an impossible witness. Can space hold all the memories of a life without witnesses?