Satanic Cults and Ritual Crime 1990

This program explains some of the reasons why people are drawn to the Satanic way of life and reveals the symbols used by members of the occult world. The program also highlights some of the criminal activities associated with ritual practices and ceremonies and gives important dates when these crimes are most likely to occur during the year. (

Puzzle 1978

A man oppressed by his wife's authoritarian ways designs the perfect crime to rid himself of her for good, but something doesn't work in the plan in this Diabolique-inspired thriller. Made for Italian television.

República da Traição 1970

European couple arrive at the Republic of Maraguaya with a strange mission. But the involvement with a local man, whom they hire as an employee, will change their plans.

Black Fire 1993

Mengyu wants to go straight after inheriting his father's crime empire but evil police Captain Zhang pressures him to continue the criminal activities.

The Bomb Shell 1981

A young maniac starts a terrorist spree in Hong Kong. The police do not manage to catch the culprit. When the wife and child of inspector Tsui get wounded in one of the explosion, he intends to catch the dangerous maniac.

Drug Connection 1993

A story about the activities of Southeast Asian Mafia gangs in Shinjuku. Ryosuke Kano is an ex French Foreign Legion soldier and is now a cocaine smuggler and dealer. He is acquainted with Larry, a Japanese American, but he turned out to be an undercover cop from New York.

Tiger Man 1978

Don Won's father dies and his home is burned, so he decides to go off to learn kung fu. 10 years later in the city of Taipei, Don interferes with the Tongs while defending his best friend.The gangsters swear that Don can never hide, they’ll find him and kill him. Don's mom gives him money that she saved and tells him to go to America where he'll be safe, but it's not enough, so he ends up in Hong Kong and the gangsters catch up to him again.

A Noite dos Assassinos 1976

In a little forgotten town three bandits robbers a bank and manages to run away with a lot of dough. The police is triggered killing two of them after a pursuit and Ruth now is the only to scape.

The Old Shell 1980

Pandi has been recruited by foreign agents in order to collect information about a military plant where his friend Servet works. To achieve his goal, Pandi blackmails Servet with an old shell, used by Servet to accidentally injure a friend during the military service.

Output 1974

A young filmmaker becomes involved with a gangster in Berlin. Based on the Ulf Miehe novel Ich hab' noch einen Toten in Berlin.

Driven to Kill 1991

A biker gang rips off drug money from the mob, then a dentist and his nagging wife steal the money from the biker gang. Hilarity ensues.

Haunted Villa 1981

Dr Han rapes his lab assistant one night. Rather than go to the police, the victim keeps quiet only bringing up the subject months later to inform the doctor that she is pregnant. Her attempts to blackmail him lead to her accidentally falling off a cliff. However, her ghost will not allow Han to forget his crimes.

The Murderer is in the House 1971

A murder has been committed in a block of flats in Pest. Almost all the dwellers of the building behave in a suspicious way at the beginning of the investigation, although it is their everyday lapses they try to hide. In spite of the janitor's unpleasant comments, light is gradually thrown upon the case.