Face to Face 1981

Using a smudge-and-click pastel animation technique, traces the history of a life from cradle to grave.

The Prince and the Pauper

A poor boy named Tom Canty and Edward, the Prince of Wales exchange identities but events force the pair to experience each other's lives as well.

Beat the Deva 1980

Using film noir, documentary, and animation, focuses on the offbeat artistic and spiritual theories of Russian composer, Alexander Scriabin. Show how a detective/filmmaker, attempting to cash in on the special effects of inner space, becomes obsessed with the idea that he has been chosen to compose Scriabin's "mystery" festival.

The Five 1970

This highly entertaining animated film begins as a young girl settles down into bed to sleep after coming home from a party. One of her feet protrudes from under the bed cover and the toes come alive and discuss how painful they are after being cramped into ill-fitting shoes all day. The toes show in a series of flash-backs how they have been maltreated, and a dream shows how they would like to be treated - feet measured, shoes fitted and lots of time spent out of shoes and stockings.

Wishful Thinking 1990

Two friends have high hopes for a party, arrive much too early, meet no-one but an awful lech, witness a suicide attempt by the hostess and find themselves as usual, mostly interested in the buffet...

Moanologue 1990

A girl decides that the problem with her relationship with her boyfriend is him - listing all the things he doesn't do - buy gifts, look happy to see her, give her compliments etc etc - when he finally storms off she has a change of heart...

Dans la Vie 1972

Short animation from Pierre Veilleux. Honoured as best Canadian short animation in the Canadian Film Awards (precursor to the Genies).

A Child's Dream 1990

Animating scenes of nature designed by children and underlighting through six layers yields a dreamlike image of a forgotten past.

Dissipative Dialogues 1982

Black calligraphic line reveals a series of evanescent encounters between a man and a woman, ending finally in a kiss.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 1983

A Real American Hero is the first G.I. Joe miniseries, in it the G.I. Joe Special Missions Force must contend with COBRA who, after the successful theft of a special broadcast satellite now threaten the world with a teleportation machine called the M.A.S.S. Device. G.I. Joe tracks down the original designer who advises that the only way to counter the weapon is to build a M.A.S.S. Device of their own. However to power the device properly three rare catalytic elements are needed. Now it's a race around the world and against the clock as G.I. Joe and COBRA go M.A.S.S. to M.A.S.S.

Spectators 1989

Based on a true incident involving a fatal riot at a Brussels football stadium, Spectators explores the behavior of crowds and the manipulation of the masses. At once ambiguous and deeply revealing, the film captures the emotional state of an audience gradually losing control.

The Little Mouse 1982

One idler cat sees in the attic three mice and decide that it would be fine breakfast for him


A 3D animated short about a community of park pigeons and old men, who come together and help one of their own get through a great loss.